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Making Journey your

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Leisure- Adventure Tours

Set your pulse racing with Adventure Tours from Iris Vacations!

Looking for an outdoor Adventure?

Then look no further! With 1000s of ultimate, adrenaline pumping experiences available around the world, you can now enjoy an adventure trip without a hassle. Iris Vacations brings to you customized adventure tours, with a huge variety of travel styles and activities to choose from!

Trips to Thrill

Maybe, you want to hike and camp at the peaks of Himalayas, or maybe you want to want to try extreme sports like skydiving in New-Zealand, Mountain Biking in Europe and climbing in United States. Enjoy thrilling activities in the heart of nature or experience kayaking in India, flying or simply jumping off the cliffs with Adventure Tours from Iris Vacations.

At Iris Vacations, we know that you want to spend less time organizing a tour and squeezing as many activities as well. And when it comes to adventure tours, you need expertise of a professional who can listen to your requirements and design a plan that fits your need. That’s where we come in the picture. With every adventure tour organized and executed, we provide following facilities-

Hundreds of pre-designed tours to choose from

  • Special Customized tour planning
  • Comfort levels that suits the requirement of every traveller
  • Budget-friendly adventure tours planned and executed across the world
  • Customer Support for individuals and corporates
  • Connect with tour leaders
  • Direct flight bookings
  • Trips include breakfast, lunches or dinner (depending on custom requirements)
  • Transportation for all listed activities
  • Full-Service Camping facilities available
  • Group Adventure Tours Organized as well
  • Choose trips by country, region or continent
Why Choose Us?

If you are seeking thrill or looking for the planet’s most spellbinding sights, then Iris Vacations could be the best option for you. Choose us, because we guarantee-

Reliability- When we send you for trekking in China or adventure sports in New Zealand, we do it professionally. Our experts know these places, among others like the back of their hand. In fact, they visit these countries, try different activities to ensure that they are worth your tour. When it comes to adventure tours, you need to ensure that the tour operator is an expert, and we certainly are!

Expertise- We can help customize your tour and give you an ideal tour guide for the location. This individual will spice up your adventure with their local insights and language skills.

Eco-Friendly- Our Tours are designed to be eco-friendly, since most adventure lovers prefer being in the lap of nature. You are also given information about the cultural sensitivity of the place.

So, go ahead! Check out our adventure tours or get something personalized for you!