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Corporate- Business Tours

Iris Vacations- Curating the best business tours

We understand that traveling isn’t simply about having a vacation. And that’s why, our services go beyond the concept of leisurely travel. We offer special business tours, which are tailor-made and customized after our professionals understand your objectives. The tours are accordingly personalized and the package is implemented on request to suit your goals.

We take business tours seriously. In fact, we offer professional managers for each business client. Therefore, we have a person dedicated to provide you special tours, whether you wish to go for business trip to Singapore or need to visit clients in Australia. Our business tours are available throughout India and across the globe. The professionals dedicate to your corporate travel are trained to understand your needs, offer innovative suggestions which differentiates your tour and reduces its overall prices.

Over 100 corporate tours for some of the leading brands have been organized by us. Our clientele is diversified and so are our services. For our esteemed business clients, we offer corporate tours with special discounts and deals on Pan India basis. We also find most affordable tours for international traveling purposes.

Why you should choose us?
  • Iris Vacation is a platform that’s trusted by thousands of travellers and hundreds of corporate clients across the world.
  • Our travel experts’ hand-pick the best services, whether it deals with transportation or accommodation.
  • The destinations are thoroughly researched, ensuring that you are hassling in a strange city while working business.
  • Special relationship managers for handling corporations and clients
  • Itineraries are customized for business tours. So, just in case you want to take your family with you, we can help. And while you visit a client, they can explore the city!
  • Reservation of venues, if needed
  • Planning of all facilities and materials, particularly for meetings and conferences
  • Filing and handling Visa Applications
  • Arrangements for transportation through aerial and surface means
  • Specialized, theme dinners for corporate clients
  • Arrangements for VIP reception and security of clientele
  • Shows and special entertainment, if needed.
  • Our professionals are highly experienced when it comes to Business Tours and Corporate Travelling. Plus, only we guarantee you the best price!

So, be a part of something new. Join our tribe and give us the opportunity to organize business tours for you.