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Explore the world

on a Cruise Trip!

For a lot of people, the world ‘cruise’ evokes so many emotions. The thrill of being surrounded by the water, the comforts of shimmering sun, the sound of the ship moving ahead and the luxuries of the cabin and crew on the deck! There’s just so much that a cruise trip has to offer!

At Iris Vacations, we pride ourselves in providing access to thrilling cruise trips around the world. Whether you want to Singapore or the freshwaters in India, whether you are interested in visiting Thailand or Europe, we have so many cruise options for you. Our cruise tours are personalized to be budgetary or luxurious!
Cruises aren’t just the ultimate way to explore the beauty of foreign locations, they are also one of the best ways to feel the pulse of local destinations. Tours that explore the country through its culture and river-banks are also provided by us!

Some of the most popular cruises:

Cruising the Ganges in India
India offers explosive sensory experience, which can be beautifully explore through the sacred river Ganges. Small boat cruises in Ganges or other parts of the country serve as a floating history of the country and its most vibrant, complex cultures.
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
Explore the ocean up close and personal, enjoy diving trips or visit the most famous dive spots in the world with Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and similar cruises. These cruises usually have small boat that provide a more personal experience. You can choose to opt for these cruises along with any of our international tours.
Scottish Highlands
The stunning coastlines of Europe makes the place perfect for luxury cruises. With special, international cruises organized in Scottish Highlands, UK and France, you can enjoy a luxury, extravagant experience while making new memories. Get started by asking us about readymade cruises or get the cruise customized for your trip!
Singapore and Thailand
Budget cruises in South Asia serve as an excellent way of enjoying a vacation. Go alone, with your partner or as a family in these comfortable, facilitated cruises that bring you up close and personal to some of the most beautiful coastlines across the world. And of course, you can shop till you drop!
This list is non-exhaustive. Contact us or email us at info@irisvacations.in for other places where we offer cruise tours!