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Day Outing

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Corporate- Day Outing

Choose from 100s of activities and destinations for corporate day outing

Gone are the days when employees just worked at the office, living a monotonous, soul-sucking life. Now, companies take their employees for day outing and excursions to ensure that they can enjoy, live spontaneously while interacting with their colleagues. In fact, Corporate Day Outings by Iris Vacations are an excellent way to break the ice between your employees, boost their brain power and increase their effectiveness once they go back working in a cubicle.


Our day outing activities and tours are designed for a single day and available in major cities throughout India. These trips can be supplemented with a wide range of themes and activities. For instance, your employees can participate in a small trek or go all on war at a paintball arena. They can also try Jungle Survival theme and live in the jungles close-by. Or, you can help in inculcating the love for team through themes like ‘The amazing race’ where they participate in team and complete different types of moderately difficult tasks.

Our Day Outing themes are divided into adventure and team building. The services are either provided at a place of interest or at a resort. We will book everything for you and plan an itinerary for major activities, such as roller coaster building, paintball, laser tag and zorbing. From Delhi/NCR to Bangalore, we are partners with a number of farms and resorts, where your employees can enjoy a well-deserved day outing.

Benefits of Day Outing
  • Convenient way of inculcating a love for team among employees
  • For ice-breaking purposes
  • Eliminating negative feelings towards the company
  • Increasing bond or cohesiveness with the organization
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Ensures increased productivity
How it Works?

The process for organizing a day outing event is quite simple. All you have to do is contact us and inform us about your requirements, the city where you operate, so that we can customized a day outing, if needed. Otherwise, the website has a number of ready-made tours for day outing and corporate training to choose from.

We deliver the best results by clearly understanding your requirements before offering a tour or a service. This helps us in selecting the best transportation, day outing location and activities for you and your employees.

So, are you ready for corporate day-out?