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Iris Vacations Pvt. Ltd.


Kindly read this page to understand end-user agreement for operating the website, www.irisvacations.in its terms and usage and disclaimers for products and services.

By using this website, you agree to be bonded by the terms and conditions laid forward by the website.

Accuracy of Information

Iris Vacations has taken care to ensure that information posted on the website is accurate. But errors may creep in. Iris Vacations doesn’t warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any information provided be the website. The company shall not be held responsible for loss or damages due to the information on the site. For any errors on the website, kindly contact the website admin or email at info@irisvacations.in

When using this website, individuals are requested to provide accurate information for names, dates of travel, work, passport etc. Incorrect information can lead to instant termination of account and suspension of our services.

Third Party Advertisements and Services

Iris Vacations shall be not be considered responsible or deemed responsible for the contents, products, services or privacy of third party advertisements or services flashing on the website. The company shall not be responsible for any loss of damage due to third party advertising in the website.

Terms and conditions

You are bounded by the agreement of confidentiality if you purchase our services. Any information related to the company employees, agents, customers or subsidiaries shall not be released, except when disclosures are required by law or requested by the company itself.

You shall not cite or refer information from the website with the intention of commercial use.

The user shall not hold Iris Vacations responsible for proceedings, legal or otherwise due to any action of user using the website.

The products and services offered on the website are not constructed as an offer to sell, but rather they provide information about what products and services actually are. They are for description purpose only. They can be used for personal reference. For any other details kindly refer to the contact us page of the website.

By browsing the website, you as a user agree not to hack or undermine the website illegally, not even for the purposes of hacking, probing and scanning. You shall not make defamatory, negative statements about the domain name or the employees of the organization. Doing so can be a punishable offence.

By browsing the website, you agree to these terms and conditions.