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start your marriage

with an incredibly romantic honeymoon

Leisure- Honeymoon

What better way to start your marriage with an incredibly romantic honeymoon tour from Iris Vacations!

Iris Vacations will sweep you away by the romance of travel! We know that travel amplifies feelings. Perhaps, that’s the reason why newlyweds love to run away somewhere and experience the bright, charismatic, good-looking and breath-taking world together. With Iris Vacations’ honeymoon tour, there is no escape from romance, picturesque natural settings, tantalizing cities and experiences which leave an indelible imprint on heart!

Honeymoon tours by Iris Vacations are designed for those who love to travel further, like exploring, plan on staying a little longer, eat more and bring home cherished, romantic memories. Try our honeymoon packages, which are pre-designed to ensure you won’t have to organize anything.

International Honeymoon Packages

From Singapore to Thailand, Australia to New Zealand, explore something unique, walk hand in hand on the beaches with any of our ready-made international honeymoon packages. Delight your partner and ask them to pack their bags for cosmopolitan life in Singapore or street fun at Thailand, luxury travels in Australia or significant romance at Paris. Our holiday packages abound staggeringly beautiful places across all continents.

India Honeymoon Packages

From Coorg to Shimla, Goa to Kashmir, there is so much worth exploring for honeymooners. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a longer honeymoon, we have several packages tailored for you. Rest in the idyllic backwaters of Kerala or enjoy the staggering beauty of Himalayas, experience the beauty of heavenly Kashmir or simply rest at pristine beaches of Andaman- there is just so much to choose from.

At Iris Vacations’ we understand that finding a perfect honeymoon destination can be a little difficult. After all, honeymoon is the first step in the path of successful marriage. But don’t worry! Our professionals will help you. Those who have something in mind or need a custom tour can contact us for prominent honeymoon destinations such as South Asia, China, Malaysia and Singapore, Switzerland and Russia, India and United States. Our packages will come with special benefits, such as inclusive flight rates, activities like cruises, deep-sea diving and trekking, local foods and cuisines among others. All you would need to do is pack your bags and kindle fiery romance in your honeymoon.

So, experience a getaway with your special someone by choosing ready-made or customized honeymoon packages from Iris Vacations!

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