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Visit the land of

incredible people and captivating culture.


Visit the land of spectacular landscapes, incredible people and captivating culture.

Snow dusted peaks of Himalaya’s lies on one end, which sun-washed beaches comprise the others. The dramatic terrain of India is exceptionally breath-taking. These spectacular landscapes, coupled with incredible people, a fascinating culture, beautiful edifices, markets and places of interest makes India a country that will leave an indelible imprint on your heart. Spirituality here is soul stirring, the food is delightful. So, whether you are an Indian who wishes to know his country by heart or a foreigner wishing to explore the world, we at Iris Vacations’ provide you with a variety of tours and travel options to choose from.

The itineraries for Indian tours are carefully planned to include a blend of activities, eating and sightseeing. Travellers get the opportunity to opt for luxury resorts or choose between budget hotels depending on their requirements. At Iris Vacations, we specialize in providing special travel packages, which combine the festivities of South to the medieval depths of North. Our super saver group holidays are quite economical as well, giving you the chance to devour everything that the place has to offer!

Our tours our divided into different varieties, such as

Adventure Tours

Spread across Himalayas and the Western Ghats, these adventure tours are all about sports and activities that gets your body pumping. Then, of course we have special adventure tours across the rivers and seas, where one can enjoy trekking or hiking activities.

North India Tours

The history of 5 millennia resides here. The lands of North hold the spiritual waters of Ganga and the snow-capped peaks of Kashmir. Choose our North India tours for locations like Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand for a delightful experience.

South India Tours

Discover Andaman’s, the backwaters of Kerala, enjoy hiking in the Western Ghats or picnicking at some of the biggest waterfalls in the country with the South India tours. Meanwhile, sniff some coffee beans and rest with the flowers.

Central and West India Tours

From the lands of Mahatma Gandhi to the forests of Gir, the multi-splendored region of Madhya Pradesh or the glimpses of Mumbai, enjoy a blend of modern and classics with Central and Western India tours of the country.

East India Tours

Explore the Himalayan kingdom or simply move towards the misty lands of Assam and Meghalaya with our East India. Surprises await each step of the East India Tour!