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Explore the World

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Explore the World with Iris Vacations

Itching to travel? Well, we have the right tools for you! At Iris Vacations, we know that planning a trip, particularly at an international destination can be difficult. But with a single click, you can book yourself a trip across the oceans and the seas. Choose dedicated flights, luxury or budget hotels, and sightseeing tours from Iris Vacations and embark on an adventure. Anything and everything related to travel can be booked via us!

At Iris Vacations, international tours aren’t just designed to take you to a particular destination. Instead, they are tailored to help you realize your travel dream! So, go ahead, close your eyes and ream of the place you want to be. Is it somewhere in the mountains, close to the waterfalls, near the beach, in the middle of a metropolitan city, jungle or someplace else? Well, tell us what your heart wants to say and you could be enjoying romantic walks in France, hiking in United States, relaxing in the backwaters of Kerala or eating a pizza in Italy, cruising across the Big Ben or enjoying wildlife in Africa.

We have several options when it comes to international tours. It can be something as simple as a ready-made tour that takes you through the recesses of Australia and New Zealand or a customized tour of European Union countries. The idea is to find you a travel dream destination, which can tick all the boxes for what you need from your trip.

Our professionals can also help you design a trip based on your budget. For instance, South Asia and African countries can be lighter on your wallet than the countries of North America of Scandinavia. Similarly, budget hotels would be cheaper than luxury palaces or resorts. Or else, you can go for group tours, which can help save money when organized.

These international tours are reflective of the time as well. For instance, we can get creative and get you a long weekend trip in Singapore. Or if, you have some time, we could book you a longer vacation to hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or rest at the Gold Coast of Australia.

Choose us to get

  • Customized travel itineraries
  • Tours for countries all over the world
  • Group activities
  • Themed international vacations
  • Budget International Vacations
  • Luxury International Tours
  • Hassle free planning and booking

So, go ahead! Call us 011 - 43494949 or email us at info@irisvacations.in now!