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Our Philosophy

Traveling goes beyond

hopping on a plane.
What we believe in?

Gone are the days when traveling was all about sitting in a vehicle, a public transportation system or hopping on a plane and reaching your relatives’ place during summer/winter vacations. Travelling is now an idea, which can be anything, from feeding elephants to jumping off a plane, from organizing a meeting at far end of the world or playing tug-of-war with your colleagues during a weekend getaway. At Iris Vacations’ our philosophy is to explore this ‘idea’ and concept of travelling through tours that leave an imprint on mind. We, as a globally active travel company follow sustainable philosophy, with a basic belief that travel should offer rejuvenation of mind-body-spirit.

The way we do things around here are simple. We maintain high ethical standards in our external and internal relationships with clients, ensure team work to attain maximum success. We base our decisions of tailor-made tour after objectively considering every factor that our clients discuss with us. We work with different third-parties and partners, who are known for their ethical functioning and a sustainable, long-term approach towards quality level travel experiences. The forces at work are combined together so that you get the best products and services.

Our employee culture instils the importance of listening to the client’s wishes. So, apart from their expertise and thorough research on destinations, our employees provide you with relationship management, experience of organizing hundreds of MICE activities, the benefits of customized itineraries and progresses, options for venues and their reservation, identification of location, planning and organizing leisure tours, conducting exclusive theme dinners, ensuring special arrangement, dealing with Visa applications and keeping everything under the budget among others. Our key strength involves the ability to assist travellers cross major airports in India and assuring cost-management of our services around the world.