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School Excursions

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Educational Tours- School Excursions

A trip your students will remember!

It’s time you take your students out of the classroom settings and show them the world! For years, we have helped teachers and students discover the world and enjoy a learning experience through our educational tours. These tours, organized in India and available across the world will help students and teachers have an experiential learning experience, giving them the opportunity to gain new perspectives, learn about different cultures, understand work ethics, develop firm understanding of concepts and become a truly global citizen!

Guaranteed at lowest prices, our open eyes to new experiences, difficult cultures and an entire world that’s full of opportunities. We help you with pre-tour training, resources for students to enjoy trip to the fullest, support and affordability. In fact, for school excursions across the world, we provide discounted rates and prices so that bigger groups of students can experience learning in the practical world.

Iris Vacations offer language immersion tours, regular educational tours, students’ exchange tours and a variety of other educational school excursions. These tours help students in a variety of ways. For instance, it gives them the opportunity to talk to people and learn their culture. So, students from North India can go to Kerala for a few days, know the customs followed in South India, learn the need for travel etiquettes and may even learn a few words from their language!

Cultural observation is the key for school excursions designed by Iris Vacations. They bring students closer to global cultures and helps them draw differences as well. Meanwhile, they connect with different issues. For instance, a school excursion to Eastern India will help students get a grasp on the issues plaguing these states and their societies, while an excursion to United States will feel them with ideas about how they can contribute to make India a better place.

Our excursions have well defined itinerary as well. It can accommodate trips to different institutions, industrial visits and other events as well. For instance, students can visit United Nations and the museums of New York while in United States or check out the Big Ben Tower in London.

Overall, our educational tours and school excursions can be an excellent way of experiencing the world outside of one’s home, which is something that every child needs.

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