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Educations Tours- Training Programs

Field Trips and Excursions for training School-College Students

In today’s rat race, globalization and increasing competition, it is important that students train themselves in different skills. That’s the reason, schools and colleges need to go beyond classroom learning and strategize training programs that will give students a hands-on experience of what’s happening in the current world.

This is where Iris Vacations can help you. As leading educational tours organizers in the country, we offer several training programs, field trips and tours that can help students learn and develop skills needed for experience in the practical world. These training programs could include team building activities, adventure activities, visits to sports complexes, industries as well as offices, where students can grasp the work culture or understand the importance of working in groups and teams.

Educational tours and training programs are heavily customized, depending upon the goals and needs of the institution. Over the last few years, Iris Vacations has designed programs that include single day excursions, industrial visits and traveling to a factory and even international tours, through which students get an opportunity to train in a unique field, such as a language while living in a different country.

When it comes to educational tours and training programs, institutions can expect us to provide detailed information related to the activities during the tour, the benefits of the tour and what instructions and rules should students follow during the excursion.

Choose Iris Vacations for educational tours because we serve as a one stop solution for your touring and traveling need. We will prepare your itinerary, provide you with tickets for transportation (if needed), and ensure pickup and arrival along with bookings for accommodation so that you don’t have to hassle with anything. Our innovative itineraries will suit your educational and budgetary needs, while our professional team will use their experience to design your tour. We pay detailed attention to security of educational tours and have different practices for safety of groups.

When you choose us, you can expect our professionals to provide you with pre-tour planning notes and suggestions, information about the training program that will be conducted, how the program will help students and what the institution can achieve from it.

All you have to do is contact us with your requirements. Our professionals will be happy to assist you anytime.