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Educational Tours- University Excursions

Inspiring Students through Immersive Tours

Extraordinary events combine educational tours and university excursions that Iris Vacations has to offer. From helping students visit leadership conferences to attending meetings that tackle significant global issues, we ensure that your students are the leaders of tomorrow.

Our tours are not only tailor-made, but inspirational as well. Summits, meetings and conferences across the globe are combined with our educational tours to ensure that students are empowered to be the leaders of tomorrow. Universities can contact us for custom tours that can give students the chance to visit summits and gain hands-on experience for issues as varied as human rights or the future of energy!

We offer special service learning tours as well. Each of these tours can help in deepening the understanding of different cultures. So, whether students are going to Goa or Rajasthan or travelling thousands of miles away to France and Italy, they have the chance to develop new perspectives on local issues, compare them with the issues prevalent in their society, learn and become informed citizens overall.

These tours can also be customized to give hands-on work or volunteering experience, depending on the requirements of the institution. Destinations, from India to China can be chosen to challenge current social and economic barriers, to learn geography and culture of the country, to improve situations in a nation or to participate in their dynamic activities.

Only you can inspire your students by combining your requirements with the expertise of our itinerary specialist. The professional specialist will work with you and create the perfect tour by personalizing ready-made tours or itineraries. They will also work to align these travels with your course curriculum. So, while a geography student can visit and study the geography of New Zealand, a student with psychology can learn about American Psychological Association at the US. In case your requirements don’t fit our existing itineraries, we can even design a tour from scratch.

Iris Vacations even design customized tours for language immersion, particularly in countries in France, Italy and Spain, where students can learn a new language or use their skills at a language to increase their knowledge of the country and its culture.

All you have to do is contact us or email at info@irisvacations.in.

Help us transform university students to world leaders and responsible citizens.