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Vision & Mission

Aspiring to become leaders

in global travel industry...

As an organization, Iris Vacations aspires to become a leader in the global travel industry. Our mission is to grow faster by provide better services to our clients. We envision to transform travel market with our personalized, themed, memorable vacations.

Every organization dreams of achieving something unique when they are established. Initially, when Iris Vacations’ was established, we aimed to redefine the concept of travel locally, changing the ways corporates booked their trips, leisure travellers pursued their vacations and education providers avoided travel! In some ways, we managed to achieve that. Today, with a clientele base of over 100 clients from different corporations and schools, hundreds and thousands of individual holidays planned and implemented, we believe that we have inched towards our initial aims.

But now, we plan to move further, to tap into challenging environments. We now aim at transforming ourselves. Our mission is to provide more than ‘mere travel,’ by offering our clients tailor-made tours and travel services, so that when they leave a destination, they leave with an indelible imprint on their mind.

How we plan on achieving it ?

Spelling out a vision or a mission statement isn’t enough. Implementation is the key here. We plan on achieving our missions, our goals by providing unparalleled services in the field. That’s why all our clients receive dedicated managers for their project, whether it’s related to corporate tour or a group vacation. These are the professionals that now the difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘doing.’ So, when you ask them for a wildlife tour, we take you to the lands of Asiatic Lions or the recesses of Africa. When you request for a luxury getaway, we send you to a cruise or a five star resort. So, we inch closer to our recent goals by ensuring that you ‘do’ the things you seek to do on your vacation.

When we say that we want to transform travel industry, we attempt to do so by providing great value to our customers. We don’t want you to visit a place, we want you to experience it- whether it’s an educational excursion or an adventure tour. We do this by giving you tremendous buying power, ensuring cost-efficiency while planning a trip that suits your needs.

So, go ahead! Give us an opportunity to serve you.