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Rejuvenate and invigorate with

a short and sweet weekend tour

Leisure- Weekend

Rejuvenate and invigorate with a short and sweet weekend tour

Accept it. The past few years have been quite hectic. Plus, most of don’t get a lot of vacations every year. But vacationing is necessary, not just for rejuvenation but to bring your family together. That’s why, Iris Vacations’ provide short, crisp and sweet weekend tours throughout the country, which will give you that long needed vacation while providing an experience that will be remembered for all your life!

Stop living monotonous life, grinding through work and office day to day and enjoy some serenity with a weekend getaway. At Iris Vacations, we offer arts and culture trips, thrilling outdoor adventures, hiking and short trekking trips, pilgrimage holidays and peaceful retreats among other types of leisurely weekend tours. For long weekends (when there is a holiday close to the weekend), we also organize short and memorable trips to closely located foreign locations such as China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Singapore.

We have a wide collection of weekend tours that usually have an overnight trip which is just a ride away. There are short expeditions to national parks and other getaway ideas that our professionals have to turn a regular weekend into a memorable one.

To satisfy the wanderlust of our travellers, we have special metropolitan tours, in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur and Chandigarh. Iris Vacations also offers special tours designed around these cities. Therefore, people from Delhi can visit locations like Shimla or Agra and Uttarakhand or someone from Bangalore and nearby areas can enjoy a weekend escapade at Mysore, Coorg or Bangalore. There are plenty of getaway ideas to enjoy.

Why Us?
  • Convenience when it comes to travelling, from making plans to booking hotels, procuring tickets for attractions, arranging for concierge services (if needed) and guides.
  • Monetary benefits. We know that people don’t hire tours and travel thinking it would cost them tons of money. But that’s a myth. In fact, we can help in saving money for you by getting best deals.
  • When you are travelling to a new, strange place, your safety is needed. We offer it through quality tour planning and execution.
  • Our services are flexible. So, if you don’t like our tours, you can ask us to create something especially for you.

Check out our popular weekend getaways and tours or ask our professionals to tailor a tour for you.