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Amazing African Safaris to Incredible India Tours

There is something special about watching wildlife in their truest settings. It’s a soul stirring experience. Visiting countries that have a wildlife bonanza, with lively landscapes leaves such a memorable imprint on heart. Wildlife never fails to get under your skin. The canvas of open landscapes, the stunning beauty of watching the beasts like tigers, elephants, hippos and lions leaves one in an ecstatic state of childlike wonders. And whether you want to see the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forests or seek to explore Asiatic lions in their home, Gir National Forest, Iris Vacations is the way to go!

For most travellers, one of the most evocative travel memories include watching wildlife in its real form. That’s where we at Iris Vacations come to picture. We organize thematic wildlife tours that will help you explore the Noah’s Ark without a fuss. Our safari and wildlife tours are thrilling and educational in equal measures. Perhaps that’s why, corporates, group tours and individuals invest in us to tailor them the perfect travel experience.

As the leaders in wildlife tours and responsible adventure travel, we at Iris Vacations have professionals who tailor tours for groups and individuals and have several ready-made, super saver tours across the world to choose from. Whether you want expeditions in India, United States, Europe, Africa or Australia, we would have a tour designed for you!

The tours are extremely varied and personalized. For instance, if you are interested in watching Polar Bears, Snowy Owls, Sperm Whales, Beluga Whales, we will send you to some of the coldest places on earth. And if you are interested in Brown Bears of Grizzly bears gazing in the wild, then we will take you to Alaska. Similarly, Africa is the place that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the Big Five, including lions, leopard, Cheetah, Buffalos and Giraffe, while the beautiful lands of India re perfect for a rendezvous with Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Leopard and Asiatic Lion, Wild Ass and Asian Elephant among other animals.

On request, we also organize Gorilla Trekking Tours to Uganda, which is an ultimate opportunity to view this elusive species in the wild.

So, go ahead! Choose from our standard tours or contact us to get a tailor-made safari, wildlife tour for you.