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Making Journey your

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Leisure- Beach

Be a Beach Bum with Iris Vacations!

Bask in the sun. Enjoy tropical luxuries, stupendous extravagance, white sandy beaches or golden sands, live in luxury hotels or rest in budget places. Because we bring to you the relaxed charm of beach holidays!

If you are looking for the ultimate place to string up that hammock, then Iris Vacations’ is the option for you! We organize some of the best beach tour across the world. From Gold Coast in Australia to Goa in India, Miami in the US or the coasts of France, we have access to some of the most vivid, bright and sunny places in the world. We know that beautiful beaches are as iconic as cocktails and thousands of kilometres of coastline are a heaven for beach lovers. That’s why, our tours for beach and leisure are heavily personalized, ensuring that those looking for endless series of water and sands find someplace beautiful. We also have an array of pre-designed tours, which are extremely affordable. So, you wouldn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to build a sand-castle on a beach!

What to Choose from?

Ready Made Beach Packages in India

Idyllic beaches of Andaman, classic beaches of Goa, sacred beaches in Orissa and stunning beaches of Kerala wait for you! If you are not interested in planning out anything and just seek to enjoy, then our readymade beach tour packages in India are a must have option for you. So, get sun-kissed now!

Customized International Holidays

Go anywhere in the world! Chill out at Hainan beaches in China or enjoy the 15000 kilometre coastline of New Zealand. There are so many options to choose from, when it comes to customized international getaways. Maldives to Fiji, France to Italy, Thailand and United States- there are so many options to choose from!

Customized Beach Tours in India

If our ready-made plans aren’t suited to your requirements, then the experts from company can draft a customized beach tour for you! Just let us know your budget, number of people, activities you would like to enjoy and our professional tour organizer will chalk up something, especially for you!

Incredible Discounts!

When you choose Iris Vacations, you open doors to a variety of discounts on budget and luxury beach travel. So, you will have some more money on your trip to shop for souvenirs!

What are you waiting for? Call us now or email at info@irisvacations.in.