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Day Excursions

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Educational Tours- Day Excursions

The best learning happens outside a classroom

Those kids are sitting in the class, looking out of the window, wondering when the teacher will stopped. Once in a while they look at the big round clock on the wall, counting minutes and seconds before the bell would ring.

It’s true! Classroom is an important part of learning. The settings in a classroom ensure discipline, teacher-student interaction, rendezvous with the books and a learning experience. But sometimes, classrooms can be quite monotonous. This is where Day Excursions come to picture!

Iris Vacations’ Day Excursions are one of the best ways to experience learning outside the classroom structure. These excursions are tailor-made for school and university settings. Therefore, you can get them designed for a particular location, particular subject or even a specific module.

Whether it is Taj Mahal in Agra for history lessons or a popular science museum in Bangalore, we offer day excursion tours to satisfy your requirement, help kids reach their educational goals. These tours provide children the ultimate opportunity to ditch class settings and learn something in the practical world. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if kids could see solar eclipse through a box in science museum that sitting in a class, reading about it?

The day excursion tours organized by Iris Vacations last for a single day and can begin early in the morning. Students can be taken to different places of interest or for sightseeing (believe it or not, looking at nature is a learning experience as well). Depending on the reason for day tour, we will help schools procure a guide who can assist students in learning experiences.

Our special day tours can serve as a team building experience as well, where students can break ice, learn more about each other and understand the importance of working in groups. Otherwise, these tours can simply be a chance for students to refresh and rejuvenate themselves after days of hectic school routines.

The day tour process works in a simple manner. All you need to do is call us or email your requirements at info@irisvacations.in. One of our professionals will look at your requirements and contact you accordingly. Otherwise, there are some ready-made tours available for day excursions in the city.

So, make sure that you ask your students to ditch that schoolbag for a day!