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Corporate- R & R

Resting and Recreation for your special employees

When done right, corporate tours and R&R offer a variety of benefits. The term, which stands for resting and recreation allows employees to become rested and rejuvenated by enjoying day(s) away from their cubicle in the office. All in all, our corporate tours for relaxation and recreation can truly increase efficiency of your organization through increase employee satisfaction and consequently, improved productivity.

These corporate tours are ready-made and tailor-made as well. The tours, organized anywhere from retreats in India to spas in Spain can ensure that your employees ditch the monotony and have a hands-on experience, with newer perspectives in a strange, different places.

We can plan itineraries for your company and add retreat accommodations to the same. This is where your employees can enjoy rejuvenation through spa, massages, yoga and other healing activities. It is these practices that will take their mind away from the stresses of life and prepare them for more competition and increased developments in near future. Otherwise, these trips can be combined with international travel to budget countries like Thailand and Singapore or luxury destinations like Italy or France, giving your employees the opportunity to see that you, as a company care for them and their wellbeing.

Team building activities from Iris Vacations can be complemented with these tours. We organize them quite effectively and integrate them with the custom itineraries to improve communication, increase morale, guarantee better collaboration and ensure ice-breaking among your employees. At the same time, they don’t have a routine burnout. Therefore, by the time the tour finishes, they will be rejuvenated and invigorated, more than before. Of course, there will be stories to tell, where your employees will inform their friends or family how the company and their bosses took care of them. Oh yes! Others will be quite jealous.

When you choose Iris Vacations to organize such tours and trips for you, we ensure that you get budgetary itineraries with strong focus on retreating, enjoying and relaxing. We even provide you the best rates for flights and accommodations. And with everything sorted out, we don’t think you will have to worry about anything.

Just pick up the phone and ask us to plan and execute R&R tour for you and your employees. We will assign a professional to assist you.